Multimedia Class Room

Our Institute arranged multimedia class room for every department students.Basically Computer Students benefits this multimedia class room. Every lab class room has Projector for make teaching and training more effective and enjoyable for both students & teachers.

Establishing Multimedia Classrooms in secondary schools, training teachers on making ICT aided educational content on hard-to-grasp topics and make electronic versions of text books available in primary and secondary levels including technical, vocational and Madrasa institutions. Multimedia class room is necessary and most important in our Educational area.

So our Institute every teacher practical class takes by projector, so students easily catches their instruction.

The education initiatives by access to information project aim to make teaching and learning more effective and enjoyable for both students and teachers using ICT. Establishing Multimedia classroom in this institution learning a new revolution in polytechnic sector. Teachers of this institution are well trained to make multimedia based lecture sheet and content. Because with the help of ICT based learning government wants to turn the large pool of intelligent young citizens into valuable human resources the needs of 21 century.Refeshioning classroom environment and redesigning the tools of learning, teachers want to envisioned education reform.