Objects :

The ready-made garment industry is in a period of rapid and revolutionary modernization and automation in Bangladesh. The earnings of this sector is contributing hugely in the development process of our country.80% of the export earnings is coming from our RMG sector.

The engineers and technologists are equipped with the knowledge of the behavior of textile materials and the functions of the machineries in the textile and clothing technologies. Garments Design & Pattern Making technology is a part of textile engineering and it deals with the application of scientific and engineering principals to the design & control of all aspects of fibre, textile and apparel processes, products and machinery. There include natural and man-made materials, designs and cuts of the dresses, Safety & health, energy conservation and waste and pollution control.

Career Prospects :

They are employed in departments of textile plants and companies varying from small to big scales in different posts of industrial engineering, production, planning, quality control, fashion designing in the agencies of foreign and domestic companies for textile products and textile machinery concentrated in different regions of the country.

Textile engineers and technologists can work as :

1.Fashion Designers

2.Process Engineers

3.Quality control Supervisors

4.In Technical Services

5.Process improvement Engineers

6.Medical Textile Engineers etc