Department Head Messege

Education builds a strong foundation for a nation and technology based education is an essential for a country like ours. Textile engineering is a very prospective field of education in our country as textile, jute and Ready-Made Garments sector. These are the largest industrial sectors of our country and earn more than 80% of our export earnings. Textile, jute & RMG sectors are also most important sectors for creating employment opportunityand socio-economic development of our country.

Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute is the first & only one government institute offered Garments design & Pattern Making (4 year diploma engineering course) technology. Garments Design & Pattern Making technology is a part of textile engineering and it deals with the application of scientific and engineering principles to the design & control of all aspects of fibre, textile and apparel processes, products and machinery.

It is an important course for developing our RMG sector before that there was no any engineering course about RMG. This course has been running successfully at this institute since 2005. Now about 380 students are this department.

I hope that our textile diploma engineers will play a vital role in garments industry and will also reduce the dependency of this sector on foreign expertise.

Mohammed Jahangir Alam
Chief Instructor & Head of the department
Garments Design & Pattern Making
Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute.