Department Head Messege

Department Head Messege

I am delighted to offer a happy welcome you on official website of Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute. The Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute was established in 2005 under “Directorate of Technical Education” Government of Bangladesh. This is mandated to run four years Diploma-in-Engineering on four technical disciplines, Electronics, Computer, Architecture & Interior Design,Garments Design & Pattern Making Technology.

The CMPI is the only government Polytechnic Institute which runs Garments Design & Pattern Making Technology. This Institute has now 50 teachers-staff and about 1300 students all female as the term ‘Mohila’ implies. This institute is situated in a unique area where there are a lot of export oriented Industry.

The Director General, Directorate of Technical Education instructed CMPI to institute and run a certificate training course for RMG Sewing Machine Operations for under privileged women in collaboration with DTE ILO-TVET reform project CMPI has received implementation grant of 7.00 crore BDT from STEP (Skills & Training Enhancement Project) what is joint project of world Bank and the Government of Bangladesh. The various heads under this grant are described in Project details.

CMPI is a place where we not only strive to ensure quality education and learning to become an excellent Engineers but also assimilate social responsibilities and ethical principles so that they can strongly and safely realize improvement in the lives of people.

I and my staff would always accept your cordial suggestion and would be available for any clarification you may wish to seek.

Suvodra Chowdhury
Chief Instructor(Electronics)
Head Of Electronics Technology,
Chittagong Mohila Polytechnic Institute.