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Data Structures with Java, Second Edition

Writer: John R. Hubbard

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2007, ISBN: 0-07-147698-9


Main description

  • Updated to include information on the Scanner class, autoboxing, static imports, and loops
  • Includes more than 260 solved problems and examples
  • Covers the Advanced Placement exam in computer science, now entirely in Java


Table of contents

Chapter 1.Advanced Java Chapter 2.Object-Oriented Programming Chapter 3.Abstract Data Types Chapter 4.Generics in java Chapter 5.Linked Structures Chapter 6.Stacks Chapter 7.Queues Chapter 8.Collections Chapter 9.Lists Chapter 10.Hash Tables Chapter 11.Recursion Chapter 12.Trees Chapter 13.Binary Trees Chapter 14.Search Trees Chapter 15.Heaps and Priority Queues Chapter 16.Sorting Chapter 17.Sets Chapter 18.Graphs

Author comments

John R. Hubbard, a professor of mathematics and computer science at the University of Richmond, in Virginia, and has written several of the most successful Schaum's Outlines in computer science.